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Individual site fidelity and novel feeding strategies of minke whales: A summary of research results

Tscherter U. and Morris C. (2007)

In:Proceedings of a workshop held at the 21st Annual Meeting of the European Cetacean Society in Donostia - San Sebastián, Spain, 22 April 2007. An integrated approach to non-lethal research on minke whales in European waters (eds. K.P. Robinson, P.T. Stevick and C.D. MacLeod), pp. 12-20. European Cetacean Society: Special Publication Series No. 47.

Introduction (extract)
The main objective for this workshop was to bring together research groups and individuals currently studying minke whales in European waters, to share experiences and discuss present and future research priorities, opportunities for collaboration, and the current conservation issues that are driving focal studies being carried out at this time. Given the widespread distribution of minke whales, and their presence in many areas that are subject to ongoing cetacean research, remarkably little is known about the ecology of this small rorqual species. They have been the subject of a limited amount of directed research, and were considered to have been under-represented in the main ECS conference proceedings in former and recent years. This meeting was established to present new and recent results from field studies and proposals for novel non-lethal research methods targeted at resolving gaps in our current knowledge. It presented an opportunity for those working on different aspects of minke whale biology or in different parts of the world to meet and compare observations, ideas and results.
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