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Watch Out in St. Lawrence Estuary

Some threats outlined in the biology section might not apply at all or to a higher or lower extend to the whales summering in the St. Lawrence estuary. For instance, beluga whales living in the area year round might be higher affected by the noise and chemical pollution than other species.

The following impacts through human activities might affect the minke whales visiting the study area:

a) disturbance from whale watching boats, kajaks, and pleasure boats

b) collisions with whale watching and pleasure boats

c) disturbance and collisions with ships and ferries

d) entanglements in fishing gear and debris

e) chemical and noise pollution

f) habitat change

While ORES cannot investigate most of these threats at all or in details, we do however put a special focus on the long-term quantification and photo-documentation of wounds and scars caused from entanglements, debris and/or collisions either obtained within our outside the study area. Find in this section some examples of such documentations.